My dear Friends, I forgot a tradition which I have been meaning to start for quite some time now, the HERO OF THE WEEK AWARDS!!!! all you need to do to become a hero of the week is do something memorable or kind to me, and this is how i will thank you:
1. You receive public recognition in the form of a xanga post
2. You receive a letter or email or xanga comment or phone call or the like
3. In rare cases, you may receive a button! (i havent decided if i have time for this one yet)
4. There can be more than one hero of the week

and this week, the hero of the week is…

ERIKA HEILMANN!! for being my best friend and playing flag football with me and coming in third yo and for turning 16 successfully. usually, these will have more concrete reasons, such as for giving me an answer to a long confuzzling question, but i figured erika deserved the first one. so tune in next week, and maybe YOU could be the lucky one!!