Happy V- Day all! Question of the week- do you think valentines day is more fun with a significant other or without one? Question of the week #2- should me and erika wear tiara’s around the city for our sweet 16?

I didnt wear pink today, but everyone else did. I wear pink every other day of the year, and pink was not meant to be “saved up” for some special holiday. No, pink is an all the time color. All the time happy, all the time pink . So thats my philosophy on valentines day- do not just wear pink one day out of the year, wear it all of the days out of the year!!!

Hmmmm, in other news, the hero of teh week this week is… NAY!! for helping me with what will hopefully be the last of my questions for a while, as now my application is sent in. Although, mommy comes in a close second, for giving me a huge valentines day gift, when i only got a grand total of two gifts. So congratulations nay, and for future reference, yes, brines are an excellent way to win hero of the week awards, as if you give me candy, or pay a visit to new york from a faraway land, you will most definetly be my hero. Just in case you were wondering šŸ™‚

And your weekly poohisms, that, in the spirit of the season can be interpreted romantically:
It’s so much more friendly with two.~Piglet
If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.~Pooh Bear

All my love to all of you, and if you need a valentine, i will most certainly fill that gap in your heart