having recently moved into a new duplex, started a new job, and adopted a new kitten, i haven’t had quite enough time to explore all of our new nooks and crannies until recently. earlier this week we discovered a wonderful park that is less than a mile from our house and is quiet, giant, and beautiful. in an effort to keep the park quiet we’re only telling people we really like about it, so ask if you want to get the hook up 🙂 since finding said park, i’ve been four times. that would be since tuesday. i’m a big fan.

yesterday i also had time to explore our attic a little, now that it’s no longer 100 degrees outside and therefore about 400 degrees up there. our home’s previous tenants seem to have forgotten some of the things they had been storing up there, so we have inherited some real treasures, including photo albums of people we don’t know, an ankle brace, a lamp with weird faces on it, a broken television, and an old hymnal and an old bible. i brought down the hymnal and bible because they are beautiful and now they are decorating our little coffee table. inside the back cover of the hymnal, in handwriting that reminds me of my grandma’s is written, “He’s been Good to me.”

i hope to someday leave a legacy on someone’s home or heart as beautifully summed up as that. He’s been Good to me. my cup overflows, i cannot count my blessings for they are too many. He’s been Good to me. i’m re-reading The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning (highly recommend it). he writes: “The gospel of grace is brutally devalued when Christians maintain that the transcendent God can only be properly honored and respected by denying the truth and the beauty of the things of this world. Amazement and rapture should be our reaction to the God revealed as Love.”

He’s been Good to me. there is nothing more to say. august is national “admit you’re happy” month. go tell someone how good He’s been to you and share the happy. and get even happier, because september is coming 🙂