Our school nurse left a few weeks ago, and you never realize how important they are until they’re gone. Here is my handy dandy chart of what to do when a child complains of… in your classroom. Nearly everything falls into the bottom category, so when in doubt, follow those directions.

Symptoms (identified by me or whined to me) Treatment (prescribed by me)
Eyes swollen shut from allergies Ice packs on eyes and asking approximately every 20 minutes “Does it feel funny to breathe at all? You feeling okay?”
Head lice


Call mom
Hurt knee

Hurt ankle



“I don’t feel good”

“My tummy hurts”

“My tooth hurts”

“My eye hurts”

“I’m feeling a little allergic”

Hurt foot

Hurt finger


Sore throat

Hurt elbow

Hurt arm

Hurt wrist

Hurt toe

Hurt cheek

“I’m sorry, would you like a drink of water?”