tomorrow will begin my third week of student teaching, and the overwhelming sentiment i have felt over the last two weeks has been “i can’t believe someday someone is going to pay me to enjoy myself this much.” i love my mentor teacher, i love my students, i love teaching, and i love learning. this semester has been completely different from everything i’ve ever experienced, and of course that comes with good and bad. here is a list of the good, the bad, the funny, and the real in my life right now.

top 5 things i love about teaching:

  1. that wcs start each day with a moment of silence- what a wonderful set apart time to pray for my students before we start every day!
  2. when students get it- after days of teaching and modeling and practicing and drawing pictures and explaining, nearly all of my students understand how to compute with fractions and some of them even know why the algorithms work- and it’s a really great feeling that they learned that from me. 
  3. recess. i get to spend 30 minutes outside every day! chatting with other wonderful teachers, which brings me to number 4…
  4. teachers. the school i am placed at this semester is chock full of wonderful women (and maybe one or two men, but i’m pretty sure it’s almost entirely women) who are passionate about their students and their subject matter, and who are funny and friendly and have been ever so welcoming. which is especially important as i spend on average nine hours a day with my mentor teacher. so thankful that she is so wonderful.
  5. of course, my very favorite thing about teaching is the students. i think i finally know all 125 of their names (possibly only when they are sitting in their seats, but i’m getting there!) and i’m getting to know more than just names for some of them, especially the ones in my homeroom. i’m learning from them and enjoying getting to know them, and i can’t wait to see what the next six weeks have in store.

top 4 (i really couldn’t come up with 5) things i don’t so much love about teaching:

  1. germy children. aka i have a cold, but that’s to be expected. must use purell more.
  2. packing a lunch. this is especially hard as a vegeterian with a student with a peanut allergy, but i’m figuring it out.
  3. less free time. good thing i’m enjoying what i’m doing with my not-so-free-time!
  4. being put face to face with the brokenness of this world. my wonderful 10 year olds face so much every day and it is heartbreaking to watch them walking through such pain. i am so blessed to be able to walk through it with them and to learn from their responses.

what i’m listening to on my ride to and from school:

  • Ebenezer by Dave Hunt
  • My really excellent pump up playlist including everything from needtobreathe to lmfao

what i’m reading in my not-so-free time:

  • the pilgrim’s regress by c.s. lewis
  • orange jumpsuit by tara leigh cobble

i’ve been learning a lot about God’s strength in my weakness these past few weeks. i can’t wait to see what he has in store for me the rest of this semester, and i am so thankful for the undeserved blessings i have received these last few weeks.