it’s a new year- cue obligatory reflective, goal setting post. 2011 had some crazy highs and some crazy lows, but i’m resolving to trust God more and to trust me less in 2012. the best way i know to do that? look back on how he has come through for me. so here is a list, in no particular order, of 100 things i’m thankful for in 2011 (and a few from 2012 so far).

  1. nashville and everything it holds dear to me
  2. the opportunity to go to vanderbilt
  3. being an education major
  4. peabody
  5. elementary schools
  6. children
  7. coffee. and not being as addicted as i used to be.
  8. dunkin donuts coming to campus
  9. pumpkin flavored anything
  10. having a kitchen
  11. working at the bcm
  12. the bcm in general
  13. nannying
  14. my lovely car, tay
  15. snail mail
  16. long emails
  17. road trips
  18. blue skies
  19. snow (and snow days!)
  20. the opportunity to go to guate and the wonderful people i met and wonderful experiences i had
  21. camp
  22. camp friends
  23. campers
  24. centennial park
  25. running
  26. slow mornings when i get to sit and drink coffee and read my bible
  27. the bible
  28. the radio. i really love radio.
  29. surprises
  30. having the same wonderful roommate for three years
  31. my suitemates this year
  32. my suitemates last year
  33. phi lamb
  34. my church in nashville
  35. my church at home
  36. vegetables
  37. my puppy
  38. cute professional clothes
  39. getting to wear jeans and a hoodie on snow days and the weekends
  40. elevators
  41. getting to do what i love
  42. my community group
  43. knowing what i want to do with my life
  44. peace in uncertainty
  45. my prayer wall
  46. long distance friends
  47. raincoats and rain boots
  48. cheerios
  49. books that make you think
  50. books that you can’t put down
  51. homemade anything
  52. craft nights
  53. movie nights
  54. dessert of any kind
  55. smiles
  56. southern accents
  57. british accents
  58. long island accents
  59. God’s provision in the unexpected
  60. deep conversations
  61. karaoke
  62. friends from home
  63. getting to go home
  64. weddings
  65. grandparents
  66. my imperfect but always always loving parents (never have i ever had to doubt that you love me and want what’s best for me)
  67. my two cuddly and silly brothers
  68. used book stores
  69. coffee shops
  70. gift cards to places i love
  71. quarters for laundry
  72. unexpectedly kind people
  73. new friends
  74. the feeling right after you brush your teeth really well. mmmm fresh.
  75. finding a great parking space on campus
  76. gchat
  77. hope
  78. becoming more of who i am each day
  79. forgiveness
  80. hulu
  81. really good hugs
  82. new, thought provoking music
  83. old, familiar music
  84. concerts
  85. concert buddies
  86. being done with college classes
  87. not being done with college yet
  88. froyo
  89. muffins
  90. post-it notes
  91. warm rain
  92. freedom- not in the america sense
  93. languages
  94. children’s books
  95. having everything i need and more
  96. never having to clean the bathroom
  97. adventures with friends
  98. encouragement in any form
  99. days when the air is the same temperature as your skin
  100. knowing Jesus

if God knows me well enough and loves me so well as to know that i love pumpkin muffins and blue skies in january and provide those for me, i cannot doubt that he knows what this new year holds and that whatever it is, he is giving it in love.