i don’t think it’s any secret to anyone that advent is my favorite part of the church year. (don’t believe me? see last year’s blog on the subject.) this past sunday was the first sunday of advent. the first sunday symbolizes hope and waiting and longing for a savior. my church here in nashville just finished a sermon series on the minor prophets, the very end of the old testament. this week’s candle as a reminder of what they lived through- hard, lonely, broken times with only their hope and the prophecies they had heard to hold on to. 

my prayer this week is that emmanuel would come as well. praying that in the middle of our lonely, hard, broken times a savior would come and speak truth into my life and the lives of others. a savior who alone can save me and those i love. and i am so thankful. so thankful that in my longing and hoping for a savior, my prayers are easier than those of the minor prophets. because while i long for emmanuel to come, i can rest in the assurance that he already has

come, Lord Jesus.