this week has been possibly the craziest week work-wise i’ve ever had. it’s been going remarkably well, and while i wish i had more time for sleep and running, i’m managing to not feel entirely overwhelmed (although i’m going to have to give credit for that one to God). i’ve also been spending lots of time alone in an effort to get as much work as possible done and i’ve been feeling rather deep and philosophical in those times. that might also have something to do with my lack of sleep. i don’t know how many of those deep thoughts will come across in this blog, as i have another exam in 40 minutes, but i felt like blogging because of how philosophical i’ve been feeling.

i almost died yesterday (disclaimer: mom and dad, i’m totally fine. so is my car. hope you’re having fun in greece!) another car merged across two lanes of the highway quite quickly right into the lane where my car was happily driving along. somehow my car, that car, and the car behind me all managed to avoid hitting each other or anything else, but it was a definite run in with my own mortality and a reminder that this life is precious- even when this week doesn’t seem so precious.

i have to do these “art reflections” for my elementary ed art class that has basically become an independent study. i won’t go into all the details of that, but the basic idea is that i get graded on my ability to create something that i consider art each week that somehow reflects the readings we did for class. this has me all sorts of questioning myself as an artist (i generally don’t consider myself an artist) and what i consider to be art and feeling all poetic and creative all the time. i wrote a three line poem for this week’s class about how creativity was essential for survival. yup. that kind of deep.

i would write more, but words are getting confused in my mind- a sure sign that i need to go make another pot of coffee before taking this test. happy wednesday and remember that even in the lame weeks, life is precious!