september. we’ve known each other for quite a few years now, and there are a few things that i’ve been feeling for a long time but have never had the guts to say to you. and i want you to know that i don’t say this to just anyone (really). i’ve  spent a lot of time thinking about it and it just needs to be said. so i should just say it.

i love you.

i do. i mean it. and i don’t want you to say it back just because you feel like you need to, because i think actions speak louder than words anyway, and baby i know you feel the same way.

i love the way you change everything and how everything becomes more colorful the longer you’re around.

i love that you never overstay your welcome.

i love that i can wear jeans and flannel and mocassins around you. like i am right now.

i love all the fun hang-out time we have because school has barely started.

i love irish pubs and free concerts in the park with you.

i love running with you.

i love football games and tailgates with you.

i love hot tea and iced coffee and everything in between with you. and i love that both of those fit with you because some days you’re hot and some days you’re cold but usually you’re just warm and snuggly.

i love that i feel cozy with you.

i love that even when it’s raining on labor day and i still had classes today, i can’t wait for tomorrow because i know you’ll still be around.

oh september, i fall more in love with you each day.