in my mind, i have a list

a schedule, if you will

of where and who and how and why

i’d like my life to be


it’s all laid out in black and white

it’s ordered and organized

first i’ll graduate, then I’ll teach

in nashville, would be nice


my list has lots of back up plans

a few “what-if” addendums

extra time for “just in case”

and worst case scenarios


there on my list it is revealed

my complete plan for me

nevermind those lines and arrows

my failures and my messes


there’s not a lot of room for stretching

if i want this done my way

i find myself afraid a lot

afraid of what could be


He is jealous for my plans


He is jealous for me


He has done great things for me


And He has plans for me


so today i’m tossing out the list

and stepping out in blindness

trusting that He knows the way

and finding that i see.