well, it’s been another full summer in the cedarbrooklyn. this summer was not what i expected, but it was beautiful. i learned and grew more than i have at camp in a long time, if ever. i worked with some amazing women who i love and miss dearly already. i loved and served and learned from my girls, and i will never forget the life we got to share this summer. when people ask me how my summer was after i get back from camp, i never know how to respond. “good” doesn’t capture the complexity, “full” sounds like it wasn’t good, and all other adjectives seem to fall short in one way or another. this summer, i decided to make a list of things lost and things gained at camp. i’m sure it’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s what i can think of right now. enjoy!

Things I lost or left at camp:

  • My sleeping bag
  • A lot of dignity and pride
  • A lot of used tissues. And toilet paper used as tissues.
  • Blood (both to mosquitoes and to daily activities at camp)
  • Sweat
  • Tears
  • A ripped pair of rainboots
Things I gained this summer at camp:
  • A purple marker from the craft porch (sorry Tika!)
  • New friendships
  • Love for my girls
  • A green mug (thanks Penny!)
  • A new ghetto-fabulous vocabulary (Pass the hood, yo)
  • My raincoat from the staff lounge door
  • Increased faith
  • A lot of dirty laundry
  • Love for the staff
  • A very sad looking pair of shoes
  • Increased strength
it’s hard to imagine saying goodbye to a place that has held such a part in who i have become, but life is moving me forward and i don’t know when i’ll be back at camp. lucky for me, i know Someone who does know what my camp-future and my everything-else-future holds, and today i’m choosing to remember that He knows what’s best. and for now, that means leaving for nashvegas in a little over a day (hooray!!), so i should get back to that dirty laundry.