i’m home! for what will likely be my last guatemala-related blog, ive decided to give you a list of the best and worst things about being home. get excited.


  • I just walked into the bathroom. Barefoot. And I don’t think I got diseases in my feet.
  • I also flushed the toilet. With toilet paper in it. And it worked.
  • I’m about to go take a shower that’s hot AND has water pressure
  • The internet is so fast here!
  • I get to hang out with family and friends here
  • My dog did not growl at me as I crept past her into bed last night.
  • I have yet to cook any of my meals in the toaster OR the microwave.
  • There is a trash can unfortunately located right next to the toilet in the bathroom, and I keep almost putting my toilet paper in it.
  • There’s a bat in the garage
  • No one here has British or Australian accents. Or ever tries to fake them with me for hours on end.
  • It’s hot here
  • Nobody gets my jokes here. Like the title of this post. Or when I said “here’s to your lovely eyes” this morning. Or that I can’t stop saying “That’s fair” and “Oh no [with the Ginny voice]”
  • Everything is SO expensive
  • No roommates
  • I can’t see volcanoes or a lake from my house.
  • I’m sitting home alone right now. That rarely happened in the Manna house.
  • I’m not in Guatemala
  • I miss my Manna friends
So far, less than 24 hours into being home, I’m missing Guatemala lots. Guess I’ll just have to start planning my next trip sooner rather than later 🙂 To everyone who got to experience it with me- you’re the reason I’m so heartbroken to be home, and I miss you and love you! Nashville reunion soon? To everyone who is happy I’m back in los estados unidos, don’t worry, I’m excited to see you too, I just need a few days to transition and not constantly bring up inside jokes from Guate, and possibly to stop listening to our mix CD.