tomorrow marks exactly halfway through my trip here- 13 days in, 13 days to go. in some ways, it feels like i’ve been here forever. in others, the time has flown and i feel that there is so much more to do before i’ll be ready to leave. my spanish is improving by leaps and bounds, i’ve figured out when to shower during the day in order to have enough water pressure to consistently get a hot shower, i know more or less how to get to the micros (small buses) that take us to school in the morning and can make my way down to panajachel (the gringo town on the lake) by myself (though i’ve never tried). i’ve been to the market and to the city, and i’ve fallen in love with this unexpected country. i honestly knew very little about guatemala before coming, and now i feel like i don’t have enough time to learn everything i want to. it’s hard to believe that in two weeks at this time, i’ll be on a flight from miami to new york, possibly never to return to this country. it’s even stranger to think that life is going on differently in the rest of the world, that my family and friends at home are simply continuing as i would be if i were there with them. it’s weird that i’m missing that. as hard as it is now to imagine leaving this place, it’s also hard to imagine staying for that reason. but i suppose, at the halfway mark of this trip, it’s only fair that i feel torn between the beginning and the end. i wonder in two weeks which side will be winning?