i dont think a year has ever gone by so fast. i think i’ll probably be saying that at the end of every year for the rest of my life, but for now, it’s true 🙂

this summer is going to be a little crazy in some ways but in some ways less crazy than others have been. i leave on friday for sololá, guatemala for four weeks of teaching english. i’m really excited and i can’t believe we’re leaving so soon! hopefully i’ll be updating this during that time and i’ll be reachable by email 🙂

i’ll get back from guatemala on june 8 and be home for a few weeks to see my little brother graduate and go to the prom and all of that fun stuff that happens in june. my grandparents will be here and it should be a party- i’m excited for those weeks too.

on june 27 i’ll leave to head up to camp for the rest of the summer. i’ll have the same job i had last summer: high school girls’ counselor and archery specialist (you know you want to come visit on a saturday so i can teach you to shoot…). last summer was one of my best at camp ever, and i am so looking forward to the opportunity to have the same jobs again and love my campers all over again. i’ll probably have even less internet access there than i will in guatemala, but i’ll do my best to keep you all updated.

pretty much immediately after leaving camp it’ll be time to head back to school already and start my senior year. i’m not really ready to think about what’s in store with that, but there’s a lot that i’m excited about on that front too.

anyway, those are my upcoming adventures. as far as the semester i just finished went, it was really great. it went by SO fast. i enjoyed most of my classes and got to know the other elementary ed girls a lot better this semester, which was so much fun. i ran a half marathon and took a dance class and spent lots of time with new and old friends. i had an awesome spring break trip and lived with five beautiful girls who i will miss living with dearly.

life is good.