some time ago, some friends of mine invented a game called the thankful game, which i have since shared with practically everyone i know. it is played when at times when it’s hard to remember to be thankful, such as rainstorms and when the car won’t start or our plans are ruined in some other way. it’s very helpful in reminding me of how much i have even when it seems like everything is going wrong.

i have never played the thankful game when i am actually doing well, however. but today seems like an opportune time to count my many many blessings.

today i’m thankful for snow which let me sleep ten hours last night. i’m thankful that i got to wear jeans and a t-shirt today. i’m thankful that i had time to shower this morning with glorious hot water before heading to work at a job i love.

i’m thankful for the brilliant sunshine that made the day seem warmer than its 31 degrees. im thankful that the forecast is for sun and warmth over the next week. but i am also thankful for a snow day again tomorrow!

i’m thankful for my professor who invited our class over to her apartment for tea and cookies to decompress after a long week. i’m thankful for my major where i get to have such kind and personable professors and get to have wonderful classmates who i get to know so deeply, and for the wonderful friendships i’m forming with all of them.

i’m thankful for my lovely roommate who doesn’t have to stress anymore because she’s going to namibia this summer! i’m thankful for my other future suitemates and knowing where we’re going to live and who we’re living with! i’m thankful for the internet, which lets me talk to my friends, near, farther, and very very far away.

i’m thankful for the opportunity to go to guatemala this summer and do something i truly love, and to have time to go to camp afterwards and be somewhere and with people who i also love (and of course doing something else that i truly love).

i’m thankful for my baby brother who’s turning 18 today. love you shanaynay, i’ll call this weekend. steak and eggs tonight and with all of your shows for murder mystery! go to belmont!

i’m thinking about changing up the format of the blog a little, much as i love my random and relatively unrelated posts. first, i think i’ll include something i’m thankful for in each post. not as intensely as this. but i think it’s something i should be thinking about, and so i’ll include at least one thing i’m thankful for in each post. second, i’m going to keep a running total of the number of miles i’ve run in preparation for my half marathon. because of the blessed snow this week, i have hardly run this week, but hopefully the forecasted sunshine will change that, so i’m not going to start update mile totals until next week. this is just because i think it’ll help me to run more if i know i need to report it to someone, even if it’s just to this little blog.

what are you thankful for today?