i’ve promised this post to a lot of people, but haven’t quite gotten around to it in my enjoyment of having nothing to do over break 🙂

immediately after writing my advent post last week, i was sitting in my room and listening to christmas music, when a song entitled ’emmanuel’ came on. i mentioned in passing to a friend that i loved the concept of emmanuel, and this post was born.

from Hebrew `immānū’el, literally: God with us

christianity is unique in its belief in an ’emmanuel’- a God who is literally with us. at least as far as i know- i’m not exactly a world religions scholar. but it seems like a pretty revolutionary idea, or at least it was 2010-ish years ago when it first happened. i can’t wrap my mind around the fact that God was born as a baby (and if you think you’ve got that one covered, go and spend some time with a baby and really think about it, and then get back to me). God came to earth and was with us physically, was with us in his understanding of our experiences and struggles, was with us in taking on our sin. at the end of a long advent, emmanuel came, as promised.

the even more amazing part of this is that emmanuel never left. God is still with us, in the form of the holy spirit, which he sent to us. and yet, we are still in a season of advent. we are still waiting for emmanuel to come. how can this be? it is already, but not yet- a concept beyond time that our minds cannot begin to comprehend. the amazing, hopeful, joyful truth that i know in all of this is that even in this time of advent, even when i am waiting for i don’t even know what, even when it seems that it will never come or that it is right around the corner, even while i actively wait with longing in this advent, i have emmanuel.

i’ve been striving to remember and be thankful for that this advent season. that, in our period of advent, we already have emmanuel. already, but not yet.