earlier this week i witnessed what was destined to be an epic love story fall flat on its face.

i was waiting in line in starbucks, when the guy in front of me orders a triple grande, non fat, no whip, soy mocha. this story is not about how girly his drink choices are.

then, without having heard him, the girl behind me orders THE EXACT SAME THING.


and then, when the drink was ready, the barista reads the whole ridiculous order off the cup, and both the boy and the girl go for it.

in real life, the boy grabs the cup first, says, “sorry, this is mine” and walks away. seriously dude? fate only comes knocking a few times a lifetime. this might have been your only shot.

this is what should have happened:

the boy grabs the cup, and says “sorry, this is mine” but hesitates. the girl says “um, did you order a triple grande no fat no whip soy mocha? because i think that’s mine”. boy looks at her in awe and says “i ordered one too.” and years later, when asked how they met, the girl will explain the situation and explain how “we both just knew. we knew that we were both high maintenance (just look at our drink orders) and both procrastinators (triple grande?! at night?!), both with a sweet tooth but still concerned about our waistline. we were even both potentially lactose intolerant- although it turned out he was just a vegan. and it’s been triple grande no fat no whip soy mochas ever since.”