if this blog were a food blog about what i cook for myself, this is what tonight’s entry would say.

tonight, i decided to clean out my portions of the fridge, freezer, and my cabinet (sharing a kitchen with 5 other girls means i don’t have much space for my food, so i don’t have much food around). i found: nasty old tortillas (thrown out), probably still usable sundried tomatoes, expired but not yet moldy bread (kept), a mostly empty container of vegetable fried rice, and half a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables. i decided to heat up the leftover fried rice and stir fry my veggies to add to the fried rice.

this sounded great, but unfortunately i didn’t have any soy sauce, so i stir fried in olive oil and garlic powder. the combination of the chinese fried rice and the italian-tasting veggies was interesting, but not bad. to make it more italian, i threw some sundried tomatoes in too :). unfortunately, i used too much olive oil for my veggies, so i had some just chilling in the pan when i finished. i didn’t want to pour it down the drain (seems like it wouldn’t be good for the pipes or something) so i decided to sop it up with some expired-but-not-moldy-bread. the pan was still hot, so i ended up with some delicious toast :). finally, i finished off my apple cider from the fridge and ate my second to last apple (the last one will be finished for breakfast tomorrow)!

in all, i’d say this was a very successful venture into both cooking AND cleaning.

let me know if you’d like more of my fabulously random vegetarian recipes :).