i may or may not have a friend who had an absurd assignment to write a french sonnet this weekend, and struggled with it for quite some time (there really should be more french rhyming dictionaries). i lacked the ability to help her, despite my efforts, as i do not speak french. i was, however, able to inspire her by writing my own sonnet, in english, that was inspired by her sonnet. so, without further hesitiation, my sonnet.

Bombarded by an Inadvertent Love

A Sonnet, by Rachel Haltiwanger

Life is hard, now that our walls no longer connect

You live so far, former wallmate, despite our dates

I like you, but miss your hugs- my wuv always waits

Someday I hope we can a yummy cake confect.

You once told me that you accept my smell, correct?

Then from whence come these troubles? Could it be the fates?

Dearest soulmate, you have many fantastic traits

I am thankful to be one of your friends elect.

I am bombarded by your inadvertent love

Despite some jealousy, I promise not to shove,

As long as we go camping and build a huge fire.

Struggles inventing something else to say to you

But know that you’re my fave, and without you I’m blue

You’re my most treasured friend, and you always inspire.

thank you. i will be taking work on commission if you would like your own sonnet.