the title of this blog does not probably mean what you were thinking it means. these past few months, i’ve been learning about patience and waiting (and not waiting for love. no no no. again, that is not what this blog is about). i started to write a blog about what i learned about loving others this summer at camp, with lots of “love is…” statements, such as “love is giving up your alone time” and one of the ones i had was “love is waiting for others”. i have trouble with waiting. and patience. and lateness in general.

most of you have probably experienced my compulsive earliness. so far this semester, i have been as much as 45 minutes early for class. i start to sweat and get nervous and cranky and i pace and send angry texts and really just freak out whenever i feel like i am going to be late. especially if it’s someone else’s fault.

but God has been stretching me in this area. first of all, the bible is pretty clear that “love is patient”. second of all, God has put some wonderfully late people in my life who i have been learning to love and wait for. third, He has been putting me in situations in which i am going to be late and there is nothing i can do about it. and what have i learned from all of this?

well, i don’t handle it well. i’ve learned that my compulsive problems with being late are obnoxious and detrimental to my relationships with others, and that they are totally unmerited and unnecessary. generally, panicking about being late does nothing except make me more sweaty and nervous when i actually arrive, whether late or early.

i’ve also learned a lot about God’s patience with me. how often am i slow to do what he has asked? how often do i completely ignore him when he reminds me to do what he’s said over and over again? how reluctant am i to even try to pick up the pace and obey? His love constantly waits for me, and is not tired or upset or stretched by my lateness.

as you find hope in His love that’s waiting for you, i pray that you (and i) will continue to practice patience in our love.