Ah! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted- we haven’t been into town to the internet café again, and I feel bad using the internet for so long here. Right now I’m typing this out on Microsoft word and then I’ll quickly connect to the internet and copy and paste it. I feel like I’ve become even more resource efficient since I’ve been here 
Today marks the halfway point of my trip- crazy! The past two weeks have been a blur- so much has happened! Nearly everyone in our group has gotten sick or injured in some way- I’ve actually fared significantly better than most. I scraped my leg up pretty badly on some coral at the beach, but it’s healing well, and I got stung by something unknown at the beach on my other leg (at the same time… it was not a good beach trip) that has turned into sort of a strange looking rash, but it doesn’t itch or hurt, so I’m counting my blessings  Other people have suffered from allergic reactions to malaria medicine, pretty severe acid reflux, and staff infections, so I consider myself to be doing pretty well.
Last weekend we went to Jozani forest to see the rare red colobus monkeys. It was so cool! It was raining when we went, but after a few hours it slowed down enough for us to walk on the nature trail (I saw the biggest snail I have ever seen in my life) and then to go look for the monkeys- they were everywhere! I got some great pictures- I’ll post them when I get home. Then we walked around the mangrove forest- I thought it was cool, but some people with us thought it was pretty boring. Then we took our cab back into town and ate some great Zanzibari food and then took the dala dala back home. It was the worst dala dala ride I’ve ever had (the dala dala is like the Zanzibari public transportation system, and it is quite the experience), but we made it home in one piece, thankfully.
Last Sunday we went to one of my students’ house (Faidha) and had lunch with her family. They made SO much food for us, and it was delicious, and really cool to see the way that people around here live. They had a naked chicken, which was just about the ugliest little thing I have ever seen.
On Monday we walked to Zingwezingwe to see where some of the adult students here live. It’s about an hour long walk, and they do it every day! It had been raining too, so the roads were quite muddy. Valerie lost her shoe in the mud at one point and it took us quite a while to find it again.
Yesterday, Bi Nasra (the preschool teacher) was sick, so I was left to tend the preschoolers with just the help of Ali Chaga and my limited knowledge of Swahili. It went surprisingly well, but all the same, I hope Bi Nasra is back today.
Today we’re going to Ali Chaga’s house (I’ll have to tell you about Chaga in another post) to visit and visiting the little deaf girl I talked about in my last post. I can’t wait! On that note, I should go get ready. It’s been a great two and a half weeks, and I’m excited for the next two and a half. I can’t believe I’ll be back so soon! Men have been coming and working on the well, and we’ve had enough water to not have to worry about it too much, but we’re definitely conserving. Thanks for all your prayers!