sorry my blogging of late has left something to be desired- i’m currently sleeping on catie’s floor because some wonderful friends of mine are staying in my room for a few days (and it is so fun to have them here!). anyway. last night we watched 500 days of summer, and it wasn’t my favorite movie (i don’t like movies with parts that i wouldn’t be comfortable watching with my grandparents) but i did like the idea. i felt like it imitated life a lot more than a lot of movies do. i also tend to like love songs that aren’t idealized so much more than love songs about finding prince charming and running off into the sunset. this song is my favorite love song ever. it reminds me of my parents.

We just had a World War III here in our kitchen
We both thought the meanest things
And then we both said them
We shot at each other till we lost amunition

This is how I know our love
This is when I feel it’s power
Here in the absence of it
This is my darkest hour
When both of us are hunkered down
And waiting for the truce

All the complicated wars
They end pretty simple
Here when the lights go down
We roll to the middle

No matter how my pride resists
No matter how this wall feels true
No matter how I can’t be sure
That you’re gonna roll in too
No matter what, no matter what
I’m going to reach for you.