i forgot to blog yesterday. last night didnt end up the way i thought it was going to, and i went to bed at 9:30. so you lucky friends get TWO posts today!

for this one, we will interrupt our series on my wonderful subscribers to talk about just how long it has been since i cleaned my room.

i have friends visiting this weekend (yay!) so i decided i should probably clean. i discovered some wonderful things, such as:

  • apparently, i have not taken out my recycling since thanksgiving. there were some very very old drink bottles in there.
  • i’m a terrible mother. my poor fishy has not had his water changed yet this semester. miraculously, he’s lived, and the shock of actually having his water changed this morning may be what kills him. poor little guy.
  • it took three loads of trash to get rid of all the trash around my room.
  • it took two loads of dishes to clean all the dirty dishes.

but now, the window is open and the air freshener smells lovely and there are clean sheets and clean carpet and everything is in it’s proper place. i’m fairly certain that this is actually the cleanest my room has ever been. and i am thoroughly enjoying it!