i only have a few days left of my daily blogging commitment, so i’ve decided to fill them with entries dedicated to my wonderful friends- specifically, the wonderful friends who subscribe to my blog. i feel like the theme of the past month of blogging has been love, and loving well, and i have not always loved all of you well, so i’m going to tell the world what i love about you and why you’re so wonderful. don’t worry- i won’t call you by your real name. just a fantastic nickname. get excited. and if you’re jealous of these wonderful girls who get a whole blog entry dedicated to them, you can subscribe too and maybe i’ll dedicate one to you 🙂

and i’m going to start with shawniece 🙂

dearest friend, i so appreciate you. i wish we both had all the free time in the world to hang out and talk and be friends. you’re an amazing friend (don’t ever doubt it!) and i love talking to you.

now, everyone else may be wondering what’s so wonderful about shawniece. well, i’ll tell them. she is kind to a fault- i can’t imagine her ever getting in a fight with anyone. she overcommits like it’s her job, but that’s only because she’s so passionate about so many different things. and she’s so passionate about such cool things! like Jesus and clean water and changing the world. she’s going to be president someday- she just doesn’t know it yet :). she’s quiet when you first get to know her, but she’s one of the funniest people i know, and she’s super easy to talk to. she’s strong and beautiful and i wish i had half of her drive. she’s not perfect, but she’s grown so much even just in the time i’ve known her and i can’t wait for the rest of our lives as friends.

i wuv you, c-wee.