on christmas eve, i was waiting for our dinner guests to arrive and i decided to watch the pursuit of happyness, a wonderful movie. unfortunately, our guests arrived about 10 seconds into my starting the movie, so i paused it and decided to come back to it later. when i did, it was after church. the movie was paused with a black screen and the words “inspired by a true story” in the bottom right hand corner in white.

having just come from church, i had fresh in my mind the true story that we celebrate on christmas- the true story that promises redemption for all mankind, the true story of true love and sacrifice.

and i realized that i want my life to be inspired by that true story.

many days i don’t live up to that. i’ve heard before that the commandment to not take the Lord’s name in vain has little to do with using God’s name as an expletive, but actually refers to taking God’s name upon yourself when you don’t live in a manner worthy of it. in other words, calling yourself a christian but not living like Christ. harming God’s image by living as a hypocrite.

and i am guilty of that.

there are parts of God’s story that i don’t understand. there are parts of my story that i have a hard time seeing God’s hand in. but i know God was there, and i know my mind is too small to understand his perfection and majesty and holiness. so i will trust that he will not lead me where his grace cannot sustain me. and i will continue to be inspired by that grace.