“love hears when pain is deafening
it’s not too late”– Andy Davis, Beautiful Day for Bad News

i’m more than halfway through my month of self-imposed daily blogging. some days i’ve had less inspiration than others, but i think i’m starting to learn how inspiring life is. i have a million different directions i could go from every moment i experienced today.

i have a friend who i’ve been talking to a little bit lately who asks strange questions at the beginning of conversations, and after getting over how unsettling it is, i’ve decided i like it. i mean, how many conversations a day do you start with the question “how are you?” how much more interesting would it be to start conversations with varied questions- things like “what’s bringing you joy today?” or “what’s discouraging right now?” and how would that change our conversations?

“how are you” has sort of an expected answer, and as such, has ceased to function as a question. really, how often do you ask “how are you?” and want to hear anything besides “good”? did you learn anything about that person? no. nothing at all. but saying something like “where’s your life headed today?” gives you so much more insight into your friends’ lives.

don’t take your friends for granted. if they’re anywhere near as amazing as mine, they deserve real conversations.

what brings you joy today?