catie and i have been sick together for the past two days. we’ve both been quarantined due to our fevers, but thankfully we have each other- we’ve been making sure each other are alive. thankfully, we’re also sick with the same thing, so we can spend all sorts of time together without worrying about spreading germs. however, we’ve had some very interesting sickness/medicine induced conversations, of which i will share some highlights right now.

rachel: do you think it’s bad if i don’t move for the rest of the day?
catie: haha nope
rachel: i need water. it’s across the room. time to move.
catie: you can do it!

when talking about going to pick up some lunch:
rachel: is it a problem if i have not showered, changed clothes, or put on deodorant in over 24 hours?
catie: nope.

then, catie and i were having a normal conversation, with catie standing in my doorway. i turned away for a second, and she was laying on the floor in a little ball kicking and laughing hysterically.

rachel: don’t die! i can hear you dying through the wall! i’m going to try talking loudly through the wall. can you hear me?
catie: nope

catie: so….
catie: sorry, i’m trying to make full thoughts. the “so” was not intended to stand alone.

catie: i really want qdobe in general (and lots of other random sentences involving the word “qdobe”)
rachel: chelsea wants qdoba
catie: it’s qdoba? do i always say qdobe?
rachel: yup

catie: i want my coke, but i don’t have a bottle opener. do you have one?
rachel: no, but we can ask the other girls… (knowing who we are, none of us have bottle openers)
catie asks caroline, who does not have one. catie then brings out her can opener. caroline looks at it for a minute…
caroline: catie, look at this. you have a bottle opener on here.
catie: whoops.

catie: i have bonded so much with this beanbag chair through this illness

in sum, quarantine is way more fun with a buddy. sorry i healed faster than you friend, and won’t be hanging around again tomorrow. stay strong and keep drinking those fluids!