my mom sent me a fantastic package about a week ago including a few items i needed and several “happy valentines day!” type candies and items. one of these candies was a bag of dove dark chocolate hearts, which i love. usually, the dove hearts have little inspirational messages in the wrapper that have to do with the holiday coming up. this valentines day, dove has sold out- to martha stewart. i have received such advice in my heart wrappers as “surprise a loved one with pink bed linens on valentines day” and “replace tea bag tags with red paper hearts”. seriously martha stewart? seriously, dove?! so sad. besides, i already have pink bed linens.

ive recently learned to knit, and have gotten a little overzealous about it. i have, since learning to knit in early january, knit a scarf and a half and a hat, all with the one pair of knitting needles i own. i love it. it’s great for when you’re watching tv or listening to music or on the phone or getting ready for bed. im not so good at knitting in the dark, so knitting during movies is still pretty difficult for me, but im working on it.

ive been two two ten-year-old birthday parties in the past two months. this may be a sign from God that i am supposed to teach fourth grade. i have absolutely no desire to teach fourth grade.

tonight, i got to hang out with sudanese preschoolers instead of watching the superbowl. i saw the end of the game, and i dont regret it for a minute.

regret is such a funny concept, especially for christians. if God is sovereign, then his sovereign will covers all of our mistakes- in other words, nothing we can do can surprise God, and we can’t mess up his plan for our lives, because he already knew what we were going to do. God is beyond time, so for him, there is no past tense, so regret really doesn’t fit into the picture. if i do something, God is using it for his purpose and for his glory, whether or not i regret it.

i haven’t been sick at all since being back at school. this may be a new record for me, especially for the winter, and especially considering the weather we’ve been having.

i’m going back to my knitting now.