so it’s been over a month since i last blogged. it’s been a busy semester and i’ve been sick a lot (meriting the nickname “tiny tim” from some of my hallmates), but today was the last day of classes and i’m giving myself the afternoon/evening off to relax before the real work begins.

while this semester has been crazy, next semester has potential to be absolutely insane. if everything happens the way i want it to (of course, sometimes the way i want it to is not the way that’s best for me. that’s why i’m glad i’m not in control) i will be taking 17 hours of class next semester, including a practicum and my first opportunity to go to elementary schools and work with students! and i’ll be working at the same job i have and love this semester, as well as working in a lab as a research assistant researching the best methods of teaching elementary school kids math! and i’ll be working on getting TEFL certified on several saturdays. and i’ll be prepping to go to zanzibar over the summer! and i’ll be volunteering at a wonderful church with their youth group. and i’ll be hopefully eating and sleeping and having fun with friends on the side.

i calculated it out, and i think i’ll have an average of about 3 hours each day to eat, shower, hang out with friends (if that isn’t combined with anything else) and occasionally wash dishes, clean my room, or do laundry.

it’s entirely possible that some of those things in that list above won’t be able to happen, because i am not super woman, and i serve a God who won’t give me more than i can handle. one thing on that list that will (daddy permitting) definitely be happening is going to zanzibar. i can’t wait! while there, i’ll be teaching English and learning swahili and hanging out with zanzibari’s! i’m so excited. if you’d like to hear more, please talk to me. i can talk and talk and talk.

but, before we get to next semester’s excitement, i have to finish out this semester, and i’ve still got 3 exams left. i’ll be home in a week!

love you all ❤