american culture has been becoming more and more liberal across recent decades. generally, i believe that most of the changes in ideology have been for the better, and i’m happy to be living in this time period and not in, say, the 60’s. some of the changes, however, have become hot topics of debate in the church.

while i’m nearly always on the more liberal side of any kinds of arguments happening in the church, i truly believe that the church should be defined by our love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, and not by the things we disagree on.

just as an example, the topic of gay marriage or even homosexuality in general has been becoming a very big one in the church, with disagreements every way you turn.

i don’t understand why. if jesus were here, i have no doubt that he’d be an active member of lambda. he ate with tax collectors and sinners- the lowest of the low, the ones whom everyone ignored. everyone knew their sin, and judged them and avoided them for it.

why is our culture any different? our tax collectors aren’t as sleazy as ancient ones were, but our sinners are on the same playing field. the sinners jesus spent his time with then were no better or worse than the sinners we judge and write off and ignore today.

as christians, we are given the amazing opportunity to show jesus to the whole world. what an amazing God who chooses to give us the opportunity to serve him in this way! and how often we fail.

so clearly, i’m not a fan of judgemental, hater christians. i was recently convicted, however, of how hypocritical this was. i mean, if i’m called to show God’s love, but i don’t love people who hate, i deserve the same judgement that they do.

the statement “God hates haters” is no more true than the statement “God hates Fags” and the fact that anyone makes either of those statements doesn’t make God hate them.

in fact, nothing anyone could ever do could make God love them any less.

even me.

even you.

i heard a fantastic sermon today about prayer. and one of the things that the pastor said is that when you pray for someone, it’s not like you’re alerting God to the situation. God already knows. in fact, he’s already there.

jesus is at every meeting of every campus organization, from campus crusade to lambda to sig ep.

jesus is already there in every situation you or anyone you know will ever encounter. jesus is already there and loving perfectly.

loving you.