so, i’m back. yay! i didn’t blog at all while i was at camp, i realize. i usually was only out of camp for a few hours, and i didn’t want to waste precious internet time blogging. also, i was pretty exhausted for most of the summer, and i’m not sure any blogs would have made much sense. but at this point, i think i may be far enough removed from the summer to talk about it a little and shed a little light on a few of the many things i learned.

this summer was long and hard and not at all what i was expecting. i was stretched and i learned a lot the hard way. i don’t know what to say to people who ask how my summer was. my automatic response is “good” or “wonderful” or something like that, and it was good and wonderful in some ways- the staff was an amazing little family and i miss all of them SO much, which i wasn’t expecting. i also learned a lot and grew a lot in my relationship with God, which is great! but… i also had to work harder than i ever have before, keep it together for the most difficult campers i’ve ever had, and love them like Jesus. which was a tall order.

so. what did i learn?

i learned that my life story has been the story of my struggle to find love in human relationships, while God has been offering me what i’ve been looking for all along. i’ve learned to begin to trust in his love and realize that it is all i will ever need, and that the human love that i have been trying to be fulfilled with is just a shadow of God’s love.

i learned that i am limited, and Christ is not. i’m used to depending on my own strength and smarts and abilities, and most of the time, the result isn’t too bad. i’m good at doing things. but this summer… what was asked of me was beyond my ability to accomplish on my own- and that wasn’t camp’s fault for asking me to do them, but rather my fault for not depending on God in the first place. this was a lesson i learned the hard way, but i have lots of cool stories about it that you can feel free to ask me about.

finally, i learned a lot about faith in a God i cannot see or understand. this one also has a cool story from the very end of the summer. God is super amazing.

i learned lots of other lessons too, but those three were themes throughout my summer. thank you all for your prayers, letters, packages, and phone calls. they meant more than you know. my summer was very draining and your encouragement (and lots and lots of Jesus) kept me going.

and now that i’ve been home for… 3? 4? days, i get to leave again in less than 48 hours. i can’t wait 🙂