so a new discovery has been made that has gotten a lot of press… “the missing link” between the evolution of lemurs and “higher primates” like apes and humans and such. there’s a lot of debate over what exactly (if anything) this means for the evolutionary history of man. i don’t really want to enter into that debate, because i don’t know much at all about “Ida.”

i do, however, want to make a somewhat controversial claim. believing in God’s creation of the universe and of man and of every other being on the earth, is not mutually exclusive with the belief that evolution is a real scientific process.

in fact, in my mind, the two go hand in hand. God created something beautiful and creative and perfect, but he created it with the intention and knowledge that it would change into something else- arguably something better. this is what God asks of us as his perfect creation- in the knowledge that he made us without making a mistake, he asks us to turn from our sinful nature to something better- something he intended for us since the creation of time; something better.

i don’t know to what extent evolution occurs. i don’t know whether humans started as little one celled microorganisms or monkeys or just shorter versions of what we look like now… i wasn’t there (not even when we were shorter), and i don’t know nearly enough biology to even begin to stake a definitive claim on that (or most any other) matter.

but i do know that i love a powerful God who could have created the world in any way he wanted to.

and i pray that this would no longer be a defining or dividing issue in the church. we have more important- and more controversial- truths to promote 🙂