so, i’ve been done with my freshman year for about 2 weeks, and i think that’s a healthy amount of time for me to sit and reflect on it. and scan more pediatrics files than anyone should be required to do in a lifetime- but i do make more than minimum wage doing so. and i got to translate for one doctor because the patient only spoke spanish. that was an exciting moment.

other than that… since i’ve been home i’ve rested a lot, hung out with erika a lot, watched a lot of tv, played a lot of guitar hero (i can reach the orange button now!), and read 2.5 books. it’s been good being here so far, but weird too. and i miss my friends.

in about a month i leave for camp. that’s all i’ll say about that for now.

so, this past year. this past year has been SO wonderful in so many ways. i met some wonderful, life changing people, I grew in my relationship with God, i learned a ton (who knew that that actually happened in college?!) and i had a ton of fun. it wasn’t an easy year, by any means, but it was a memorable and joyous one. i can’t even begin to describe everything wonderful that happened to me this year. God is so so so good.

important milestones of the year: i turned 19 (pretty sure this isn’t a milestone at all, except that i feel old), i transfered “colleges” within my university so that i could major in what i wanted to, i discovered what i wanted to major in and what i want to do with my life, i passed all my classes (woo!), and i’ve achieved sophomore (actually, almost junior now, thanks to those ap’s) standing.

i think if one song were to sum up this year, it would be “Only You” by JJ Heller. if you don’t listen to JJ Heller yet, you are missing out.

Are you the little girl who locks herself inside her room
Waiting to be rescued
Or are you the captain of war
That he began to prove his merit as a man

Everyone is known for something
What’s it going to be for you

Are you the picture of perfection
But when it comes down to it you don’t have a clue
Or are you the center of attention at all times
God help the man who takes away your chance to shine

Everyone is known for something
What’s it going to be for you
No one else can paint your portrait
With an unobstructed view

You’re the one who gets to choose
How much of you you’ve got to lose
How much of you you’ve yet to gain
Who are you…

Tomorrow I leave for North Carolina until Tuesday (meaning i can’t get mat kearney’s new cd until several days after it comes out), then it’s back to the scanning until mid-June ish, when I head off to Ohio for a family reunion of people I don’t know (and a quick visit with my soul mate) and then camp! which i will talk more about later.

for now… i hope you all enjoy your mid-may weather… i certainly have been!