Bless the Lord, let all that’s in me
Bless the Lord
May kingdoms fall and rulers crawl
Before Your throne

Our kingdom (with a lowercase “k”) is falling. America is in it’s largest depression in decades, still involved in a war we can’t seem to end, and our international authority is dwindling each day. People don’t know how to react, don’t know what they should do next.

In the middle of this economic crisis, I am attending a university founded by a man who was once the richest man in the country (and founding Vanderbilt was the only philanthropic contribution he ever made to anything), which still has one of the largest endowments and wealthiest student population of any university. We’re the group who isn’t supposed to be affected by this economic crisis, yet our endowment has lost over a billion dollars since last year, and I have close friends who have had one or both parents lose jobs.

Our American empire is crashing. Our kingdom is falling.

And yet, in church this morning, we sang a song praying that kingdoms would fall. Do people realize what they’re singing? That they’re praying for the very thing that many would say is the largest problem in our country today?

Maybe they do. Our economy needs to be rebuilt- they way we’ve been doing things for the past few decades has been slowly rotting the economy until it finally collapsed on itself. Our culture of taking what we need regardless of whether or not we can pay for it needs to change. Our kingdom needs to change.

My biggest prayer during this time of crisis and change is that the “rulers crawl before Your throne.” Humbled by their inability to affect change by themselves, crawling to the throne of the God who can see the big picture is the only way they will have real power, and the only way they can find real truth. With God-led leaders, our kingdom can be rebuilt.

Why do we care? Because while America isn’t perfect, and our government isn’t always all we want it to be, we can still gather together on Sunday mornings and praise our God, and even call for the overthrow of kingdoms. We won’t be beaten or arrested for praying that the leaders of our country will seek His kingdom before their own. We are free to bless the Lord with all that’s in us.




Just as a disclaimer: I am not endorsing or denouncing any particular politicians here. This isn’t meant to be a political discussion, but a prayer for our current and future leaders. It also is not meant to call into question the faith of anyone in government- I honestly know little to nothing about most political leaders’ religious views.