I’ve often heard it said that God should be our “center” or that we should “center” our lives on God… In dance, we used to have to “find our center”- meaning, when standing on one foot, figure out how to center your weight so that you can stay balanced on one foot. Our bodies are accustomed to having two feet beneath us, and when you take one away, it takes some adjustment to find your center.

There’s a trick to finding your center though (and I’ll share, so ya’ll should be experts at standing on one foot after this!). If you think about having most of your weight in the core of your body, that is where your actual center lies. So when standing on two feet, your center is somewhere near your bellybutton. Your brain recognizes this every time you take a step, and is fully aware of your shifting weight in a way that it is used to. In order to be able to stand comfortably (or spin comfortably, or stand on the ball of your foot comfortably) on one foot, you need to train your brain to recognize that your center is still in line with your belly button, but that is shifts slightly to one side or the other, to make up for the loss of one leg. I’ve literally had dance teachers tell me to “move my belly button” on occasions where I was having a particularly difficult time balancing.

If you asked a lot of people what makes them stay balanced when they stand or walk, they wouldn’t say their belly button. They’d say their legs. And usually, they’re right. Unless we’re standing on one leg or being pushed, our legs usually support us pretty well. But sometimes someone pushes us, or sometimes we’re stuck standing on one leg. Or sometimes we’re stuck standing on one leg and then get pushed. And then our legs don’t help us keep our balance at all. But if we are conscious of our center of gravity (aka belly button!) we’ll still be able to stand.

So. Why is this relevant? Because it’s a lot like the way I frequently find myself trusting God. I usually have my faith more in my own two legs than in my belly button, just like in my walk with God I usually have my faith more in myself than in Him. And frequently, I am capable (of course, through His power) to do most everything and attribute it to my legs holding me up. But whenever someone comes along and pushes me or I try to stand on one leg, I start frantically searching for my center and find it just at the last minute, if it’s not already too late.

Trust your belly button first. You’ll fall less and might even find you walk more confidently 🙂