so i realize that traditionally, lent isn’t really a time of celebration. it’s leading up to a time of celebration (and i so love Easter!), but lent itself is actually more a time of, well, sadness. so why celebration today?

well, the first reason has nothing to do with lent: i’ve been taking midterms for two weeks and i just took my last two today, and after i turn in a paper at 8 am tomorrow i will officially be on spring break! (i will still have to attend classes tomorrow afternoon, which may be difficult considering the amount of packing i need to do before i leave campus at 3. i think i’ll go to boston <3)

the second reason is that, living in a post-resurrection reality, we have hope! we know how the story ends, and Jesus wins! i sometimes like to remind myself of that on days where things just don’t seem to be going my way- in the grand scheme of things, i’m on the winning team. what else really matters?

the third reason is that celebration can also mean thankfulness. and that is one of the things that we should be focusing on during lent. we should rejoice in the suffering that Jesus went through in order that we could live and never stop being thankful.

finally, a psalm that summarizes my feelings about today:

Psalm 63:3 Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.

so may you go off on your journey rejoicing in Him who made you
and celebrating His suffering on your behalf.
and may you feel the reality of his love this coming week
as you live surrounded by it.
I’ll be in Boston for the next 8 days without internet, so don’t expect updates for a while.