happy ash wednesday, all

sometimes it’s hard to be a christian who lives like a christian. a lot of times it’s easier to notice other people who have this problem than when we have it ourselves. some days i don’t feel like loving my neighbor. but sometimes it’s a little different than that- i think sometimes i don’t entirely understand what it means to live like Jesus wants me to, or (even scarier) to live like Jesus DID. what would Jesus have said to the girl who was brought up half-Jewish, half-Christian who went to synagogue weekly and to Christian camp in the summer, was told at her Christian camp that she was going to hell, and as a result has no religious beliefs at all now? those camp counselors were trying to live like christians- but somewhere they messed up, and forgot that Jesus’ message was a message of love and not condemnation (John 3:17). but as a fellow human, i know i do that all the time.

or what would Jesus say to the boy whose status message tonight read something to the effect of “was handing out napkins today for people to wipe that [poop] off their foreheads” (he was referring to the ashes on their heads)? i know what Jesus would say- he would love him and tell him that he loves people with ashes on their foreheads too, but not any more than he loves the boy.

not even a little bit more.

Jesus doesn’t have even a little bit of conditional love- whether or not we love him does not affect his love for us even a little bit.

i can’t understand love like that. but i’m living in the grip of love like that. 

and i’m called to go and share love like that.

with everyone- even the people i don’t like. and the people who don’t like me.

lucky for me, i have a perfect example, and that’s what i’m reflecting on today and during this season.