i figure i should probably post again, because i realized that that last post was incredibly depressing and out of character (i thought it was pretty in a sun coming out after a rainy day way, but… whatever).

i also realized i never post about my own life on here. this might be a rare post where i do.

life here has been… fast. i can’t believe spring break is in two weeks. i feel like the ground has finally settled in the past month and i can look around and see where i am without falling over again. i’ve decided on a major (or two)… and told my parents about it. and i’ve decided… what i want to be when i grow up. which kind of overwhelms me to say still with such definitiveness (pretty sure that’s not a word). i mean, the closest i’ve ever been to knowing what i wanted to be when i grew up was when i wanted to be a pilot for all those years (you knew that was coming, erika). but seriously, i get this excited nervous feeling in my stomach every time i think about it. because i know this is what i want to do. and i’m pretty sure it’s something i’ll be good at. and it might just be what God has planned for me too. because i am so beyond excited.

classes this semester have been wonderful. hard, but wonderful. i love what i’m learning- and i actually AM learning. i’m choosing to major in 2/5 subjects i’m taking this semester, in fact. they’re just that wonderful. and the other 3 are equally fun- unfortunately, i don’t have the option of majoring in history of country music, but if it was a choice, it would be a hard decision. i love that class. i wish i could take it every semester. i may take american social history through dance next 🙂

outside of class… this semester has been busy in the best way. friendships have changed shape a little, but i think it was sort of inevitable and there’s been no hard feelings. i love where i am now- the people who i get to spend my time eating lunch (especially second lunch) with, studying with, and hanging out with have shaped my semester and my life here. i’ve gotten more involved in community service, which has been so fun and such a learning experience, but also time consuming. i’m… tired a lot.

which leads to the not-easy part of the semester. in most respects, this semester has been just as wonderful if not more wonderful than last (minus KT!). except i’ve been… super duper sick. sick like never before. headaches like i’ve never had that have lasted longer than i’ve ever had them last, and all the problems associated. it’s finally been getting better (unfortunately, i don’t have a neurologist here, so there’s really nothing i can do about it…), so pray that it stays that way. the hard part is really that i don’t know why they got so bad so fast, so i can’t fix them. but, i’m just celebrating the lovely break i have now :). they’ve definitely made me more appreciative of just a normal, headache-free day.

but mostly, i’ve just been learning to live a day-to-day existence of complete, laughing, jumping, falling, crying, wonderful, outrageous joy in my Maker. i’ve never been more blessed.


Lift my hands and spin around,
See the light that i have found.
Oh the marvelous light
Marvelous light