Life is never what you expect it. On Tuesday in one of my classes someone said that there was “no use hoping for a better past.” i thought that that was so profound that i spent my entire next class writing a poem with that line in it, instead of taking notes. i will not be sharing the poem. but i like the idea that all we can do is move forward into what we don’t know, because unfortunately all that we do know is already done.

it amazes me that life is ALWAYS what God expects. not only is it exactly what he expects, but exactly what he planned for. no accidents, no surprises.

it’s like the difference between amtrak and a vandy van. amtrak has a strict and regimented schedule. you can look up what time your train is leaving and arriving and how long it will take to get anywhere. and it is never true. not even for the first train of the day. surprises come up- people take too long to get on, the power goes out, there are downed trees on the tracks… you name it. we (as humans) control our lives like amtrak schedulers. always optimistic, never exactly right, never knowing what the delay of the day will be. not even driving the trains we’re making these schedules for.

But a vandy van driver… (for those of you who don’t know what a vandy van is, they’re buses that run around campus from 5 PM to 5 AM to save us fromt he evil people in the big city. or just from walking to our dorms in the rain/snow/cold). vandy vans do have a schedule that you can access online- but either i am not reading it correctly or the schedule is more of an outline leaving a lot of leeway for the driver. even the order that they make their stops in is different depending on which van you get on, and you can’t always tell what van you’re getting on from the outside. their routes are variable in that if you ask to be dropped off at blair by a van that doesn’t actually stop there, the driver might make an exception for you. as for the time of their stops… there is definitely no way of guessing- you can wait anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes for the next vandy van. the drivers, however, are flustered by nothing. they go no faster or slower in any circumstances, and sometimes take long stops. sometimes they’re talkative, sometimes not. every time you get on a vandy van it’s a bit of a gamble with how long it will take you to get anywhere.

God is like a vandy van driver. he gives us a vague schedule that we can’t always understand except in hindsight. he has his own schedule that he won’t speed up or slow down, and sometimes it seems like he takes long pauses. he has a planned route, but when we get on the bus we don’t always know what it is. Sometimes he’s really talkative, and sometimes not.

but the best thing about Vandy Van drivers is that nothing phases them- regardless of the low amount of respect the general populace has for them. When a kid throws up on the van, or they have to go check to make sure no one’s stolen the hubcaps… when it’s 4:15 and they’re still going strong.

no accidents, no surprises.