it’s the end of the semester. 2 more days of classes, then my first final is on thursday, and i get to go back home a week from tuesday.

i’m really not sure how i feel about this. while i’m excited to be moving on from these classes (we’ve ruled out possible majors in geology, math, and even most likely spanish this semester), i can’t believe how fast the time has gone, and i’m… not ready for change. i’m SUPER excited about most of the classes i’m signed up for for next semester (i really need to find something to replace anthropology), but i’m not excited for the other types of changes. like… friends studying abroad, and i have no plans to go home at all during second semester. 4 months will for sure be the longest i have ever gone without going home. i will see my family, but probably not most of my friends from home. it’ll be interesting.

i wrote at the beginning of the semester about trying to find my home, and what made a place “home”. i have come to a few conclusions on this concept that i think i will pass on to you.

1. Home is where you keep your toothbrush. I currently have 2 toothbrushes- one on long island and one at school. they are both at home.

2. Home is where you call home when you’re not thinking about what you’re saying. When on long island i frequently talk about vanderbilt as home. this is not because i am talking too quickly, but because vanderbilt IS home.

3. Home is where the people accept your smell. I was considering doing an entirely separate entry on this concept, and I may still. My wonderful friend Catie was saying the other day that she’d heard somewhere that in some African nation (it may have been another area of the world, this is sort of a hazy memory) the literal translation for their way of saying “i love you” is “i accept your smell”. i have loads to say on this topic, and i think it will be a future post sometime.

4. And finally, going along with the last one, home is where you belong.

With all of these definitions, I’ve realized that I can have more than one home, and that camp can even be my home during part of the year (because those people accept so much more than just my smell). and… i’m content with that. One of my friends asked me the other day why I believe in God and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately… and one of the reasons is of course that I see him working in my life, and I see his answers to prayer in my life. I prayed so much about where I should go to college and where the money would come from, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would end up having an experience so wonderful as this at such a great school as this and being able to pay for it!

so, in a post thanksgiving, hopeful, joyful, advent spirit (baptists don’t celebrate advent! but neither do they get baptized as babies, so i guess i’m a bad baptist ), i’d just like to say that i’m so thankful to be home. even when i have a multivariable calculus final on friday morning.