So, there’s one week of classes left before thanksgiving break (we get the whole week off- i know, i know, ya’l’re jealous, but not as jealous as you are of the fact that i just used the DOUBLE conjunction “yall’re”), and after we get back, there’s a week and a half before finals- which means i’m basically done. which is just CRAZY. i can’t believe it’s almost over. i mean, i can’t even get over the fact that it’s time for thanksgiving already, or to be doing Christmas shopping… this semester has FLOWN by. and i feel i should give it some, i don’t know, closure? or something.

we had to watch the motorcycle diaries in spanish this weekend (or, i guess, by wednesday, so if anyone in my spanish class is reading this- hopefully i’m not ruining anything for you ), and i thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it, regardless of your feelings on che guevara or marxism or anything. anyway, at the end of the movie, che (the narrator) has gone through a lot of life changing experiences and he kind of wraps it up by saying this: “yo ya no soy yo- por lo menos no soy el mismo yo interior,” which for those of you who AREN’T in my spanish class, means basically- i’m not myself anymore- at least, not the same on the inside. that’s sort of how i feel about this semester. yo ya no soy yo. i’ve learned so much about myself, about who i want to be, and about how i’m going to get there. i’ve met ten’s and hundred’s of people who have changed my life, i’ve made an entirely new and entirely amazing group of friends who keep changing and expanding the way i look at the world, i’ve started going to a new church that believes fully in God’s plan for it and God’s mission for it and i’m so excited to be a part of it’s beginnings… i’ve learned a lot about lowering my standards, about the important things in life (not always studying, for sure), about the way that people perceive me (and my accent- sorority!), and about how to take care of myself without mom and dad around (i didn’t realize how difficult it was to think about what i was going to eat for each meal, even if it is already paid for).

yo ya no soy yo. i can’t imagine a better place for me to be right now. if you’ve been talking to me this semester, i’m sure you’ve been hearing about how wonderfully blessed i’ve been here at vandy, how happy and joyful i’ve been, how much God has just filled me abundantly and lovingly. i have no doubts that i’m where i’m supposed to be- and i am SO thankful for that. i have a million blessings to be thankful for this semester, and i don’t even know where to begin (maybe that’s what i’ll spend my thanksgiving week pondering). don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all been easy- my bank account has some serious issues going on, my spanish grade went from really good to pretty good to ok to “rachel…” (right now we’re hoping for ok/”rachel…”), i got sick early in the semester, i’ve had a few headaches (ok, i can’t really complain about that- i haven’t had very many and it’s been an incredible blessing), my computer died completely for about a week… but through it all, i’ve had amazing friends, and an even more amazing God reminding me that i’m here for a higher purpose that He has in mind.

por lo menos, no soy el mismo yo interior.