So… I guess most of you have probably already figured this out, but for the few of you who haven’t, I finally did manage to decide on a school (if you want to hear about the long and arduous decision process that involved thousands of dollars in travel expenses to universities all over the country, lots of prayer, and a broken flip flop, you’ll have to find me in person or send me an email or something because i’m not posting that whole thing on here). I’ll be going to Vanderbilt University next fall. I know, you’ve never heard of it. That’s not because it’s a bad school, I swear. It’s like, number 19 in the nation for undergraduate colleges or something. It’s just… in Tennessee. So not too many people from around here go there. But it’s gorgeous, and it’s in Nashville, Tennessee, which isn’t nearly as… well, what you’re thinking of when you think of Tennessee- Nashville is much more fun! It’s got lots of music and concerts and a full scale version of the greek Parthenon as a random park in the city (with an art museum inside it- ok, I’ll admit, that’s one of the more random attractions), and it’s got Opryland, which is kind of a cultural experience… Anyway, ya’ll () should come visit me down there so I can prove it’s not lame. You also should come visit me because it’s a thousand miles away and I don’t know anyone going there or who currently goes there… so there’s a chance I won’t make any friends .

Oh, and for those of you who were hoping to, like, see me this summer… This is my current timeline from graduation week until I leave for orientation:
Wednesday: In the city all day with friends from church
Thursday: Prom day!
Friday: After prom day! At the beach (shelter island but this is negotiable) anyone can join. I think i’ll be driving.
Saturday: Wedding (not mine, don’t get nervous)
Sunday: Graduation! And probably informal graduation party afterwards at my house- like, come when you can, say hi and bye because…
Monday: Leave la casa at about 7 AM for camp and stay for 6 weeks
Come home Saturday, August 10, at night time… spend the next 3 days doing laundry and last minute shopping and packing… because…
Thursday: Leave early in the morning to drive halfway to Tennessee. Spend the night in a hotel.
Friday: Drive the rest of the way to Tennessee. Spend the night in a hotel
Saturday: Orientation starts.

SO yeah. If you wanted to see me this summer…. Get a job at my camp? lol. or… come visit me on a saturday… or… i’ll probably be at target a lot those three days that i’m home after camp. you could just like wait there in the dorm room supplies aisle and ambush me.

Anyway, that’s the plan for now. I’m excited to be a commodore. Like, really excited. Even though I’m not entirely sure what a commodore is. I think (from my knowledge of pirates of the caribbean) it’s like a sea captain of some kind. But anyway, yeah. It’s going to be an adventure of the best kind πŸ™‚