since you all seemed to care so much last time…
i went to the doctor again today! i love him. he’s so cute.
he told me to eat more bananas if my fingers and toes tingling was really bothering me. i really like bananas, so this prescription makes me very excited.
and, he wants me to increase my daily meds. but that’s it! he said, if things are going well, i really don’t have to come back for like, 6 months. i explained that i was leaving for camp and then college, and we decided that i should come back before going to camp, but… i’ve had less than half the amount of headaches i had two months ago without the medications. that’s a really big difference. he thinks if i increase my dosage a little bit, we can make it even less headaches, and i’ll be all better! isn’t that amazing? after 7 years of struggling with these headaches they may have finally figured it out?! oh, and my blood test results came back completely normal too.
so yes. today was a great day.
the only sad thing is that i won’t be seeing dr. xian for a while now. he’s so adorable. oh well. i guess that’s the price i have to pay for him being a good doctor as well as adorable.