someone told me at some point last week that they liked my worldview. at first i didn’t know what she meant, but then she said that she just liked how i didn’t let things get to me- i kept right on going no matter what life threw at me (the particular thing life was throwing at me at that moment was not knowing what class she had next, but STILL). it made my day :).

i voted yesterday for the first time. even though it wasn’t a real election. i mean, it was, sort of. just not run by the government. it was run by those icky parties that i had to register in in order to vote in this fake/real election. anyway, i feel like a quasi-good citizen. and an old person.

report cards are out for first semester. once again, my sense of self worth is validated. do people really judge themselves based on those things? if they do, they can have mine. i dont need it.

thirsty is this month. im doing worse than last year, and have all sorts of fantastic excuses as to why. if you know what thirsty is (cough erika cough emily) start texting me and telling me to get my butt into gear. i need to be doing this. even if the cd IS lame again. i have my own music i could be using. that’s a really lame excuse for not doing it.

it’s ash wednesday. i’m giving up aim for lent. so. call. facebook. text. you know the drill.

in 10 days i’m going up to ithaca for, well, lots of reasons. but i’m bringing a super duper surprise home with me to stay for a week and i super duper cannot WAIT for her to be here.

and as for the college question… i applied to 8 schools. ive been accepted to 5, waiting to hear from 3. one, i do not particularly want to go to. one, i do want to go to, but don’t think i will. one is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, so unless financial aid is something super special (is it ever?) it’s a no go. we’re eliminating choices slowly :). i’m going to new orleans in a month to visit tulane, and ithaca in 10 days to visit cornell. so we’ll see what happens. i’ll keep you posted.

that’s all for now, folks 🙂