read the entry below this first, it’s super more exciting, but i know lots of you have been wondering about THIS entry for quite some time.

i’ve been going to a neurologist all year. his name is dr. xian and he’s about 4 feet tall and asian and SUPER CUTE. i love him. anyway, he’s trying to fix my brain. i know, we thought it was a lost cause. he hasn’t given up hope yet 🙂

so. a bijillion tests later, and we are fairly sure that i do not have any brain tumors. that’s FANTASTIC news. i also apparently don’t have $2500 dollars worth of blood works OTHER diseases. also fantastic news. so, what IS wrong with me?

dr. xian has an answer. he thinks i get severe chronic migraines. no stink. how do we fix such a condition?

first, we take an eeg. (pronounced by spelling the letters, not like some exclamation of pain, though i like saying it that way too). it’s a weird test where they glue 22 things to your head with red paint and you look super attractive afterwards. it tests to see if you get seizures. oh, and before, you dont get to sleep much. like, the whole night before. and they flash lights at you and stuff. it’s super fun.

well, after the eeg and all the other super tests, dr. xian tells you to take LOTS OF VITAMINS with strange things like vitamin b12 and magnesium (fine by me) and then he prescribes (dun dun dun)… anti convulsants. aka seizure medication. like what people with epilepsy take. apparently it helps migraines. and he tells you to take it every day. and to take this OTHER pill if you ever get a headache anyway. the other pill will make your neck hurt, and the anticonvulsant will make your fingers and toes tingle in the mornings, but other than that, you should be peachy.

have i been? some days. it hasn’t been perfect. the anticonvulsant has helped for sure. the other stuff has not- so we’ve been changing it around trying to find a drug that actually works for me, and we’re still working on it. but i’m definitely better than i was last summer, and there’s nothing serious wrong with me (we hope). i CAN’T forget to take the anticonvulsant or we could have serious problems (worse than just a bad headache) but i haven’t forgotten yet. so… i sent in my application for camp. because my health WON’T be stopping me from being a fantastic staff member this summer 🙂

so yeah. that’s what’s going on inside my head- literally :). love you all! ill be amazed if you really cared enough to read all of that lol.