Hi, my name is Rachel…

… and I’m addicted to soliltaire on my ipod. Really. I just got a wonderful new red nano for christmas that i am madly in love with (he/she has yet to be named- feel free to suggest). The first few days I had her, I just listened to music on her. But then, one day, I was showing mom how to use my old ipod- which i regifted to her (uh, thanks erika! lol) and i started to show her how to play solitaire, which i had never really liked on the old nano’s. But it made me curious. So i decided to try it on my new baby. And maybe it was the new format, or the infinitely increased level of difficulty… but i’m hooked. I’ll stay up til all hours playing.
and the best part? my record. i have played 195 full games (yeah, told you i was addicted), and i have won…

… 15 of them.

in other news, this is turning out to be a fantastic new year. i leave for puerto rico in less than 48 hours, and i cannot WAIT to get to somewhere warm and sunny. you can be jealous all you like, im excited beyond belief. and since i dont think ive mentioned this trip before, i think ill give you the brief timeline of how i ended up with this opportunity πŸ™‚

last may-ish, my dad got selected to be interim chair of his department until they found a new one- a position he wasnt so thrilled about, but no one else would take it either. anyway, that was the beginning of this journey.
i came home from camp last summer and dad mentioned something to mom in passing about possibly going to puerto rico in january for some biochemistry department chair’s meeting… and i immediately (and, really, without expecting any sort of response) said that i would LOVE to go to puerto rico! after all, i do take spanish. dad laughed. we didnt discuss it again.
then, in the beginning of october, it came up again, as dad was going to have to finalize his plans. i again said i’d love to go. he said i’d have school. i said i didn’t care. he said he did. mom said it’d be fun. dad said are you serious. mom said for a birthday present, after all she’s turning 18! i quietly left the room- apparently mom won
december 27- i open a pretty little gift bag with a certificate inside that says you’re going to puerto rico!
and here we are. leaving wednesday, coming back monday night (unfortunately i have a midterm tuesday morning so i cant stay any longer).

according to accuweather, it’s supposed to be in the 70’s and 80’s the whole time. i’m going snorkeling and hiking through the rain forest and shopping. and the drinking age is 18.

it’s going to rock.