and it’s a new year. happy 2008 everyone, i hope this year is better than your last. so far this year, ive slept less than id have liked to, messed up three college applications (one possibly irreversibly), talked about more important things than i think i did last year combined, and baked cookies.

everyone (ok, not everyone, im just the queen of generalizations today) looks at the new year as a fresh start, and maybe for some people it is. but for me? there are still two weeks (or three?) left of first semester, so i’m still reaping the benefits of last “years” work. im behind on my solo work in dance- so is everyone else, but im supposed to have half of it choreographed and i have… yet to begin. ok, so i picked a costume. and there are a million things from my past that still effect me today- it’s not a fresh start, but rather a continuation.

and i think im ok with that. im learning to enjoy where my life is going, even if it’s not at all what i had expected.
i don’t know what this year will bring. at all. usually, i have some clue. but really, next year, i will most likely be spending most of the year in a different state (unless i go to cornell, which is still nowhere near here), with different friends, doing completely different things than i am doing this year. im a little nervous, but really… i cant wait