so, the show’s over. by far the most fun i’ve had being in a show since les miz, and i do believe i liked this one even better than that. the cast was amazing, the music was (and still is) amazing, even the cuts on my hands from those awful bedrooms are amazing. today was my first day without rehearsal since the start of school, and it hasnt quite hit me yet that its really over- i think ill probably realize it about this time next week. hopefully by then the holiday spirit will have fully gotten hold of me, and i wont be too distraught by the realization. thanks so much to everyone who came to see the show (especially those of you from far away to surprise me- cheesemuffins, i love you!). by my guesses, we made at least $30,000 in ticket sales alone, along with at least another $1,000 in raffles and another $1,000 in program ads. hopefully that will cover the cost of the show and leave some money for next year (but i wont be here! i came to that realization right before our thursday night show, and im not going to lie, it made me a little teary).

but anyway, its the second week of advent already! im so not in the christmas spirit yet. like really. yesterday we set up and decorated our tree, and i felt like i just wanted to get it over with. what is this?! i love christmas! hopefully ill catch some holiday spirit soon 🙂 last week was hope-theme week for advent, this week is peace. and since the play is over, i think i may find some more peace around now 🙂

ive read two books in the past weekend- having shows means not having eight hour long rehearsals, which means i have time to read and i skipped school on friday besides, and BOTH books included this quote in them. makes me think its something that perhaps i need to be hearing right now. so here it is, a quote from Jim Elliot:
“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose”

well, thats really all i have to say in this entry. oh! and i got in to college. woohoo! ok. now im really done 🙂