here is the list of all things college-y for me. it may or may not be everywhere i end up applying, but i really hope it is lol.
anyway, as of right now i am applying to 8 (yes 8, not 3924809 as originally planned) schools, and that’s it. I’m applying (or really, have already pretty much applied) to 5 of them early decision. The 8 lucky schools who may have me on their campus next year are (in no particular order):

St.Josephs in PA*
Boston College*
Wake Forest

The starred ones i’m applying to early action. i will have heard from all of them by january 1, and then the last 3 ill be applying to around then. I may be adding UPenn and Yale to my list of regular decision places… my guidance counselor thinks i belong in the ivies lol. anyway, i finally finished my last essay for my earlies today, and gave my teachers their envelopes :). im really done with them! yay!