*disclaimer: i am honestly NOT going through any kind of hard time right now. life rocks. this post has been waiting inside of me for a long time, and right now i am posting it as a self condemnation- i realized i am just as guilty of this as anyone else, and i need to post this to remind myself in the future not to do this again*

as christians, we are called to love. i don’t know any christians who don’t know that. there are, however, some things we do as christians that are totally cop-outs on love. love does not mean spouting scripture at a friend going through a hard time. personally, when things are rough, i don’t want to hear jeremiah 29:11 or Romans 8:28… that’s a cop out on love. that’s telling me that my hard time shouldn’t be hard for me, because Jesus loves me and heck, in the long run it’s SUPER that this is happening right now! real love, love like Jesus, would be holding my hand and crying with me at 3:30 in the morning when i call you, or listening me until i can’t talk anymore, and then praying with me, a real prayer that sounds awkward because you can’t come up with the words, but a prayer that you mean with all of your heart. even long distance love (you campies, you knew it was coming!)… calling me even though i hate it instead of talking to me on aim (aim is a super love cop-out that i am very guilty of using), you can still listen to me, pray with me, send me a note the next day reminding me of your love, and of course of God’s (it is not a cop-out to say that God loves you, it is a cop-out to say that because God loves you, this stuff doesn’t matter).
now of course, all of this is my opinion. perhaps you like having scripture spouted at you, perhaps you like being loved over AIM. actually, i’d love to hear your opinions of this post. how do you love best? how do you wish you were loved?

have a lovely week, happy columbus day weekend!